Anderson Associates


Accident Reconstruction

Investigation Experts

ANDERSON ASSOCIATES provides engineering expertise when standard fire investigation will not suffice. Certified fire and explosion investigators have been trained in the proper technique in determining the origin and cause.
ANDERSON ASSOCIATES’ experience includes building, vehicle, and industrial plant fires and explosions.  Mechanical explosions, BLEVEs and confined ignitions leading to deflagrations and detonations have been investigated.
Specialized expertise is provided when a technical understanding of the equipment at the fire origin is required. From spontaneous combustion to static electricity, the causes of ignition are understood and explained.

Cause of a Fire

Area of Origin

ANDERSON ASSOCIATES provides all manner of services in fire and explosion investigations. Initial scene surveys identify the area of origin that often leads directly to the cause of the fire.
When the cause of a fire is less certain, detailed laboratory examination of evidence found in the fire origin area can identify the cause. Microscopic examination, laboratory tests, and court exhibits provide technical inferences you can trust.