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Analyzing personal injury accidents successfully requires special investigative techniques. A wide variety of situations can lead to personal injury. Some examples include:
  • A man who was playing in a children’s ballroom sustained a spinal cord injury.
  • Improperly formed stairs caused a person to slip and fall.
  • A snowmobile driven under a pipeline pig trap fatally injured the driver.
  • An equipment failure resulted in a load being dropped onto the operator.
Each incident requires careful data collection, specialized analysis, and often laboratory testing or re-enactment to understand the sequence of events which led to the injury.
Personal Injury

Personal Injury Investigation

Personal Injury Insurance Investigation

ANDERSON ASSOCIATES understands the interaction of people and equipment. We analyze unusual circumstances involved in personal injury claims from an engineering perspective.
The principals and staff at ANDERSON ASSOCIATES have assisted insurance and legal firms with hundreds of personal injury claims from initial investigation through to court appearances as expert witnesses. We rely on our years of experience and fully equipped facilities to provide technical inferences that you can trust.