Anderson Associates


Patented Equipment

Design & Finite Element Analysis

ANDERSON ASSOCIATES specializes in non-standard design projects. When you need something new because existing equipment will not meet the demands of today, call our design team. Patented equipment designed by Anderson Associates is assigned to our clients.
It is a 3-D world and here at ANDERSON ASSOCIATES we use the competitive advantage of Autodesk Inventor Professional and solidworks software. For our clients, this means efficient, accurate designs that can meet that narrow marketing window. 3-D modelling technology provides lifelike representation and virtual prototyping that everyone can understand.
During the design stage, more time can be focused on structural composition and the way parts fit and move together. This visualization allows the design team to see issues or opportunities as they go forward.

Complex Loading Simulation

Total Structural Analysis

As the process of design continues, drawings are automatically updated when changes occur. This is a big advantage to the manufacturing process that ensures all changes are captured on newly released drawings.
ANDERSON ASSOCIATES can also provide the benefits of Finite Element Analysis to optimize new designs or improve on current products while maintaining functionality. Total structural analysis with complex loading can be simulated to provide essential data relating to integrity and expected performance.
Even those hard to visualize, non-linear behaviors of engineering materials can be analyzed by the Anderson Associates team: a team dedicated to meeting the manufacturing and environmental challenges of the world today and tomorrow.