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ANDERSON ASSOCIATES’ partners and staff have experience in many phases of the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of industrial facilities. This promotes an understanding of what can go wrong in complex plants and equipment.
Detailed origin and cause analysis is carried out through accident site inspection, analysis of plant design, and review of operating trends and maintenance records. Engineering principles are applied to all data gathered.
Industrial Losses
Industrial Losses

Industrial Losses

Cause Origin, Material Engineering

Initial examination of an incident site often leads to the origin area. The cause of the accident, however, usually requires detailed knowledge of the components and processes involved. ANDERSON ASSOCIATES analyzes operating data, maintenance data, and pertinent technical literature to the incident. This information is then compared to standard operating procedures and physical limitations of the involved materials/equipment. This careful analysis and comparison often enables ANDERSON ASSOCIATES to determine the cause and contributing factors of the incident.
A full range of in-house support services is available utilizing our metallurgical laboratory and computer simulations to carry out tests under representative conditions.
Support for ongoing litigation arising from plant disasters is provided by qualified experts with court experience.