Anderson Associates


MVA Reconstruction

Seat Belt Examination & Analysis

ANDERSON ASSOCIATES carried out its first motor vehicle accident investigations and reconstructions in 1972. Through the years, our experts have investigated thousands of collisions including multi vehicle, pedestrian, motorcycle and single vehicle rollovers. Our experts offer extensive court experience.
ANDERSON ASSOCIATES focuses on the relevant issues in detail and provides comprehensive analysis to our clients. Vehicle pre- and post-impact speeds, accident avoidance potentials, visibility issues, seat belt usage and effectiveness are some of the more common issues normally addressed.
Accident Reconstruction

Digitally Enhanced Simulations

Advanced Testing Systems

We have provided clients with accident video re-enactments as well as computer animations showing the driver’s view and the timing of the collision. Scale drawings depicting the vehicle impact orientations and pre-impact time/distance relationships are included with the majority of our reports, providing our clients and courts with a clear understanding of the collision.
High resolution digital cameras are used for documentation purposes. Laser and GPS survey equipments are used to accurately measure roadway evidence and geometry. A Crash Data Retrieval system allows us to download information stored by modern vehicles’ onboard computers. A PC-Crash computer simulation program is often utilized to aid the analysis of collision dynamics. Vericom computers are used to test the acceleration/braking capabilities of vehicles and coefficients of friction.
Plaintiff and defense clients rely on ANDERSON ASSOCIATES to provide accurate technical information for their most demanding reconstructions.